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Luoyang BECOT Scientific Development Co.,Ltd was founded in early 1999 with now a whose total asset over one hundred million. It locates at the bank of Yi River and the foot of Zhoushan Mountain and acts as an excellent member in Free Trade Experimental Zone Luoyang Area.

BECOT has been keeping a continuous growth during the past seventeen years. The R&D team, which contains professionals from Tsinghua University and Wuhan University, is the important source of vigor in the company’s development and has creatively raised the concept of “Friction Driving System (friction linings + wire ropes)”.  That is to say, apart from the company’s cash cow product K25 Friction Linings, the company is now offering a systematic product chain with the main focus on Wire Ropes. The products & services it is now able to offer include Friction Linings, Wire Ropes and the consulting & maintenance of linings and ropes throughout their life-cycle. BECOT hence positions itself as not merely a sales agent or a product manufacturer but more like a “Friction Driving System” solution provider.

At present, the company is no doubt the leader in this field and its products are widely used in various big mines. The wire rope covers 70% market shares among all imported round strand wire ropes in China. The K25 lining has also the same achievement that covers over 80% market shares in all kinds of applications in China. Both of the products have even a 100% dominating position within some of the giant mining group companies. The maintenance services such as rope greasing, rope de-greasing, rope NDT and numerical rope groove turning have all achieved a good reputation in the fields as well. In fact, this package of wire rope related maintaining services has alone become a “product” we are now also selling to our customers such as Mining Groups from China Coal Group, Lu’an Group, Huainan Group and Wire Rope Manufacturers including BRIDON and HAGGI. In order to make this advantage of being able to offer services a competitive one, BECOT has developed a series of special tools and customized programs that were able to add the most value to our customers.

BECOT aims to put forward solutions for the customers and develops its research ability continuously. The company is now expanding to some new fields with the same operating logic of “Friction Driving System”, such as cableways, ports and drilling platforms etc. BECOT offers consulting on linings and ropes to them and put forward maintenance solutions.

In order to keep a state-of-the-art technology, BECOT has established a close corporation relationship with many universities such as Tsinghua University, Taiyuan Technology University, Henan Technology University, Luoyang Technology University, Stuttgart University (IFT) etc. With the easy access to their R&D abilities, BECOT has been able to maintain a constant development in the technical side.

The company itself has now a city level Friction Lining Research Center and a provincial level Wire Rope Research Center. The two research centers consist in total 5 post-graduates and 20 well-educated members, and their main job is to make sure the company has the most advanced products & services to offer in the “Friction Driving System”fields.





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